Bebo to King Khan: 10 B-town celebs and the stories behind their nicknames

Bebo to King Khan, B-town celebs and their nicknames

Bebo to King Khan: 10 B-town celebs and the stories behind their nicknames

People often express their love for each other by giving pet names. We all have a Kaka, Baby auntie and Dolly in our households. And, celebrities aren't much different.

Names tell a story; they add character to a personality on screen. Likewise, nicknames exist for a reason too. Amidst the glamorous portrayal, fans usually forget superstars are human too. So, here's a throwback of some unique alias of Bollywood celebs and their origin.

1. Bebo – Kareena Kapoor Khan

The Bollywood diva is famously called Bebo, not only by her family but her entire fandom too. Incidentally, it was not the 'Bebo mein Bebo’ (I am Bebo) role that got her this pet name but it was actually her father Randhir Kapoor! Being an enthusiast of humorous names, he took the chance to call his little girl Bebo, which translates to Tigress.

2. Pappu – Varun Dhawan

The hunk of Bollywood is actually known as Pappu within his home. Varun's father, David Dhawan gave him this peculiar pet name because it resonated with his personality.

3. Sasha – Shahid Kapoor

While the word Sasha doesn't remind anyone of Shahid Kapoor, it's actually the name that got stuck with him during childhood. Apparently, all his friends and family refer to him as Sasha. Whereas, his wife Mira lovingly calls him Shaddo.

4. Nightingale of India – Lata Mangeshkar

Legendary music composer Lata earned the title of India's Nightingale for her melodic voice. She was a brilliant artist whose voice contributed greatly to the music industry. She was also known as the ‘Queen of Melody’ and ‘Voice of the Millennium.’

5. King Khan – Shah Rukh Khan

The actor is considered the Badshah (King) of Bollywood and has been producing, acting and hosting for half a decade. His talent, hard work and fame catapulted him into superstardom and got him the title of King Khan.

6. Chi Chi – Govinda

Chi Chi might sound like a character from Dragon Ball Z, but it's also Govind Arun's alias. However, unlike other celebs, he does not prefer everyone calling him by that pet name. As per an interview, he revealed that only his "near and dear ones, people from village, teachers and elders" can refer to him as Chi Chi.

7. Babli – Madhuri Dixit

It's no surprise that Madhuri is also called Babli by her family due to her charismatic smile. Her captivating looks have always been appreciated in entertainment and that's why Babli is glued to her, as it best describes her.

8. Giraffe – Sonam Kapoor

This one takes the cake! Sonam Kapoor is dubbed Giraffe by her father as a form of banter in their family. Her tall height is the primary basis for this joke and Sonam has spoken out about how her thin figure further contributed to this pet name.

9. Lolo – Karisma Kapoor

Like Kareena, Karishma too was bestowed with a name by her father. He allegedly opted for Lolo as it sounded funny and rhymed with Bebo.

10. Salman Khan-Sallu Bhai

Although the entire media refers to Salman Khan as Sallu Bhai and Bhaijaan, it was initially his brother's friend that called him Bhai. So, this respectful nickname gradually became an iconic term for the megastar.

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