Drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day can have the surprising effect on life expectancy

Including type was decaf and type dissolved.

Drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day can have the surprising effect on life expectancy

A new study done by Australian scientists suggests that consumption of 2-3 cups of coffee, decaffeinated coffee may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and premature death.

Scientists also believe that the benefits of the drink comes from the chemicals in coffee beans is more caffeine.

Study author, professor Peter Kistler Research Institute, diabetes and cardiovascular Baker said: “In the study observed this large, coffee grind, dissolve, and decaffeinated coffee are related to a reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality due to cardiovascular disease.
"The results showed that drinking coffee grinder, instant coffee and decaffeinated coffee from mild to moderate should be considered as a part of healthy lifestyle."

Monitor the health of nearly 450,000 volunteers

Test data from the Bank Biobank of the United kingdom, a study was conducted analyzing the health of the people of this country, the research team has collected information about eating habits of the volunteers, in particular, they often drink, how much and the type of coffee does.

When started, the researchers followed the health of nearly 450,000 volunteers, who are over age 40 and without cardiovascular disease were recorded, out of tracking your period lasts for more than 12 years. Results have shown that compared with those who did not drink coffee, coffee drinkers have less risk of cardiovascular disease and death from any cause in general.

However, these advantages also depends on the number and types of coffee are consumed. The mortality rate decreased the most is observed in those who consumed 2-3 cups of decaffeinated coffee, ground coffee or soluble every day.

Those who drank one to five cups of coffee, ground and soluble coffee per day have the lowest risk of suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythm while decaf did not show any protective effect whatsoever.

"Drinking a lot of coffee at least also useful for us"

“Caffeine is the ingredient is best known for coffee, but these drinks contains more than 100 ingredients biologically active. Study author Peter Kistler, a researcher at the Institute for the Study of diabetes and cardiovascular Baker in Melbourne, said the compound does not contain caffeine can cause the positive relationship is observed between coffee drinking, cardiovascular disease and ability to survive.
"Our findings indicate that drinking a small amount of coffee of all kinds should not be discouraged that can be enjoyed as a behavior, good for your heart."

This study is a other supplements for a series of studies about the effects of coffee on health. However, the current research can't prove cause and effect relationship. Therefore, the clinical trial randomized still needed to fully understand the relationship between coffee and health.

The study was published in the Journal of cardiovascular prevention in Europe.

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